4-Week Core Cut & Cardio Program

Price: R399
This course comes with a FULL 4-Week, unconditional money-back guarantee

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About The Course

You need to be... physically active, prepared to push the limits, and a goal-seeking, competitive individual.

In 4-Weeks you will be stronger, more agile, faster, more confident, and fitter than you ever thought possible.

Do you...

  • enjoy a regular physical challenge?
  • want to remain physically competitive, irrespective of your age?
  • get tired sooner than you want and it feels like your legs and arms are made of jelly?

Are you...

  • regarded as reasonably fit?
  • a competitive, determined and goal orientated person?
  • someone who likes to be pushed to the limits?

Then...YOU will WANT to...

  • strengthen your core
  • become more supple
  • move and react quicker
  • increase your reach
  • improve your cardio fitness

Meet your trainer

Hi, I'm Nicole Richardson, a qualified and experienced Biokineticist, and will be your trainer during this 4-Week course. I completed my Degree in Sports Science at the University of Stellenbosch, followed by my Post Graduate Medical Honours at the University of Cape Town.

My medical qualification gives me the knowledge and skill to offer courses designed to take any possible limitations you have into account.

What brings me joy is to be involved in assisting others to achieve their goals, whatever the standard. I'd love to share in your joy as you spend the next 4-Weeks on your journey towards your success.

Price: R399
This course comes with a FULL 4-Week, unconditional money-back guarantee

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This professionally designed course…

will make you MORE...

  • self-confident
  • energetic
  • functionally mobile

And will make you FEEL…

  • leaner and fitter
  • healthier and happier


You will ENJOY…

  • better circulation and digestion
  • boosted core strength and back stability
  • achieving your goals

By signing up, you will get:

4 x Pilates Class Videos

We focus on helping your body move better as you gain awareness of your posture, strengthen your core and improve flexibility.

4 x Strength and Tone Class Videos

The combination of strength, cardio, and pilates training allows the body to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and combined they are the essential components of overall health and fitness for everyone

4 x Fitness/Cardio Videos

This class gets your body moving, no matter your level of fitness. We guide you through high-intensity and low-impact options to ensure the class is perfect for you. It’s a super fun way to get your heart rate up, burn calories and tone your muscles.

4 x NutriEd Class Notes and Tips

Get access to our awesome, online NutriEd Class Notes and Tips that teach you about healthy food and eating. You are what you eat, and most of us simply don't know what's healthy and what's not.

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Join TODAY and ...

you will receive the following 2 bonuses - worth R 340 FREE of charge. Tell friends and family, but hurry since this special offer expires soon!

8 x Running Sessions

  • improve your speed
  • better stamina
  • quick off the mark

Catering for running enthusiasts as well as for those that enjoy a brisk walk and the occasional jog.


6 x U15 min. Videos

  • 2 x Stretch - improve your reach
  • 2 x Cardio = stronger heart
  • 2 x Core - protect your PRECIOUS back

Just what you need when you don't have much time and don't want to work up a big sweat.


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Feel Connected And Supported.

You can touch base with me weekly or even daily during your 4-Week course:

  • call me to chat
  • arrange an online live consultation
  • regular online assessments enable me to monitor your progress

I'm no stranger to injury and sporting success. At the age of thirteen, I had a posterior and anterior spinal fusion and also suffered from weak ankles. Despite this, I went on to obtain Provincial Colors in field hockey. So pain is no stranger to me, and I know what determination and effort are required to succeed. My online classes started before COVID, and as a result of my past success, I can with full confidence offer a full and unconditional money-back guarantee.

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More about your Biokineticist

Nicole Richardson (BA Sports Science; Bsc Med Honours Exercise Science)

Qualified Biokineticist (top of class) with 12 years of experience

Selected for honours at the UCT Sports Science Institute

Selected for an internship program at the Sports Science Institute of SA

Certified Special Olympics Instructor

Qualified Pilates Instructor

Received her Provincial Colours in 3 Sports

Your Challenge

Classes and exercises are all designed and guided by our qualified and experienced biokineticist - Nicole Richardson

Online, Anytime

Yes, we know life is busy and hectic. With Rethink Health you can work out at your own place and in your own time.

New videos weekly

No boring repetition! At the start of each week, you will have access to new and relevant material.

Enough to keep your muscles as strong, supple, and healthy as you wish.


30 Day money-back guarantee

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We’ve Been Making People Happy & Healthy Since 2013

Tyron Venter

"Nicole diagnosed and sorted an imbalance in my back muscles and within no time I was back to my best"

Dalena Olyan

"Your classes have given me a new lease on life, and I look forward to achieving even greater fitness milestones going forward."

Megan Heyns

"I have rehabilitated my back after months of pain, become stronger, more flexible and enjoy a greater sense of well-being."

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