OPTIMIZE MOVEMENT - This program will ensure that you are able to perform everyday movements easily and safely.

RELIEVE PAIN - 80% of the population experiences back pain at some stage of their life. If you are one of those currently experiencing back pain, then this program is perfect for you

PREVENT INJURY - We all know that prevention is better than cure. If you currently experience no back pain, that's great! I, Nicole Richardson, a qualified Biokineticist, am determined to help you keep it that way.

Enjoy a better quality of life by improving the HEALTH of your BACK with our FREE 10-day BackZone 101 Program


I really care, because I've been there! 

I'm no stranger to injury.

 Hi, I'm Nicole Richardson

"At the age of thirteen, I was the South African National Rhythmic Gymnastics champion in my category. However, my gymnastics career came to an end at the age of fourteen, when I had to have an anterior and posterior double spinal fusion. This was a 7-hour operation!

When I was made to walk the following day, my Dad said it was the first time that he saw me cry. But less than 8 weeks later I ran the Spar10km Ladies Race! Since then I have always known that I wanted to help individuals with back problems. Hence my tertiary studies and medical qualification as an Exercise Scientist (Biokineticist).

Despite the pins and rods in my back, I continued my sporting career and achieved Provincial colors for hockey for a couple of years and completed quite a number of marathons and half marathons. My favorite being the Two Oceans.

I still experience the benefits of the CORRECT exercise program and I'm therefore determined to ensure that YOU too can benefit from my experience, knowledge and skill."

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  Do you ...

  • struggle with back pain
  • struggle with neck pain and headaches
  • suffer from Fibromyalgia
  • want to look after your back and prevent problems
  • suffer from abdominal and lower back weakness
  • experience reduced spinal mobility

   Are you ...

  • not suited for spinal surgery
  • looking to strengthen your core pre-spinal surgery
  • needing post spinal surgery rehabilitation
  • looking for a cost-effective treatment NOT requiring driving to appointments
  • wanting to learn good self-management techniques

 Get a safe, specialized medical program that offers you ...

  • the foundation of good back health with detailed instructions and video's.
  • access to your program on any device as often as you need and in the comfort of your own home.
  • an expert team focused on the health of your back.
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  Have a SNEAK PEEK ...

... at some video snippets to see just how I will help you to benefit from a healthier back

  • only 15 minutes per day
  • for 10 days
  • at home
  • when it suits you
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I can improve the health of your back

I'll ensure that you become expert at:

  • Activating your core
  • Correcting your posture
  • Picking things up correctly
  • Getting up & down correctly from the floor
  • Getting in and out of bed correctly
  • The best way to sleep
  • Fascial release using a ball
  • Trigger point release for your neck & piriformis
  • Stretches done from a chair (ideal for at work)

Your practice of the above will improve the health of your back and quality of your daily life.

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How long, when and where? 

  • Only 15 minutes per day
  • Instructional videos and more
  • Any time of day or night
  • Any place
  • Only 10 days

And, if required

Book a FREE  20 minute 1:1 online video consolation with me so that I can give you my professional advice on the steps you need to take to improve the health of your back. I may suggest you see your GP or a physiotherapist in your area. 

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More about your Biokineticist

Nicole Richardson (BA Sports Science; Bsc Med Honours Exercise Science)

Qualified Biokineticist (top of class) with 12 years of experience

Selected for honours at the UCT Sports Science Institute

Selected for an internship program at the Sports Science Institute of SA

Certified Special Olympics Instructor

Qualified Private Geriatrics Trainer

Qualified Pilates Instructor

From back surgery, back to competitive hockey

Dereck Marnewick

(Director at Learning Lab Apps and Owner of EvaluNet)

"My hockey career started at high school, and while at University I attained u21 Provincial Colours. I continued playing until the age of 47.

Then one of the discs in my back ruptured, necessitating back surgery. The neurosurgeon made it very clear that I was to play NO sport.

A few years later, Nicole, said to me,  'You must start moving and exercise. But first we need to strengthen your core and teach you how to mobilize and protect your back'.

For the past 7 years I've been back playing competitive hockey!  I've even represented South Africa at the Grandmasters Hockey World Cup held in Barcelona. This, testimony to the value of receiving correct advice from a qualified medical professional AND following an appropriate regular exercise program.

Best of all, is that I can enjoy a really good and UNEXPECTED quality of life."

 Imbalanced back muscles, balanced and back to setting World Records

Tyrone Venter

(Holder of 12 long-distance swimming World Records)

"I've been blessed with the opportunity, ability, and will to swim far a lot faster than anyone else.

In 2018 I developed a recurring injury in my groin and back and it was taking longer and longer to recover after each big swim.

Fortunately, I got to hear of Rethink Health and with the help of Nicole, and her knowledge of anatomy, we found that the source of my pain was due to not engaging (activating) my core at the correct times. I had a strong core, but the muscles were not engaging at the best exact moment, this causing an imbalance.

Nicole’s guidance, patience and the exercises she gave me to do, enabled me to learn how to switch on small stabilizing muscles in my core at the correct millisecond required for my core to protect my back and function correctly."

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Strengthen Your Back

Short videos of stretches and exercises designed to reduce and prevent back pain.

All guided by our qualified and experienced biokineticist - Nicole Richardson

You'll have enough to choose from!

Online, Anytime

Yes, we know life is busy and hectic.

With this FREE Program you can improve your back's health by watching the short videos at your own place and in your own time.

The choice is always yours!

Knowledge is Strength 

The more you know about your back, the more likely you are to be motivated and determined to look after its health!

My videos and content will motivate you enough to keep your back as strong, supple and healthy as you wish.

You choose, you benefit!
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Deirdre Viljoen

"The online classes are so professional and all the members always feel included no matter their level of fitness."

Dalena Olyan

"Your classes have given me a new lease on life, and I look forward to achieving even greater fitness milestones going forward."

Megan Heyns

"I have rehabilitated my back after months of pain, become stronger, more flexible and enjoy a greater sense of well-being."

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