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I was recommended by my physio to join Nicole's Pilates classes and haven't looked back. Her caring, individual attention and motivation is a winner. Nicole is well skilled as an instructor as well as a Biokineticist. She will provide an alternative exercise for those who cannot do certain exercises which makes you feel at ease with her classes. I will recommend her classes to anyone.

Nicole Metrowich

I have been going to Pilates for a while now. Nicole keeps the classes fun yet tough. Just when you think you can sneak a rest she somehow knows this and shouts at you to keep going. Nicole always gives a very clear breakdown of each exercise and also a alternative exercise for those who are unable to do t. I am so grateful to have access to these classes and I have also met some awesome friends as well. Thank you Nicole

Jane Rousseau

Nicole's classes are honestly amazing. I forget that she is not actually right next to me because she is just so engaging and encouraging. I love the range of classes and different styles and movements each time. I always feel so good after one of Nicole's classes. Don't even hesitate to join!


I have never enjoyed exercise, but somehow Nicole manages to motivate me to work hard and persevere even with online classes. Her classes are exceptionally well thought out and very clearly presented making it easy to follow correctly.

Melissa Pieterse

The past few years I have mainly focussed on running as my main form of exercise. For the past few months of lockdown I also started doing some of Nicole’s pilates classes as per my mother’s recommendation and I HAVE BEEN LOVING IT!!! Nicole’s classes is suitable for any fitness level from beginner to advanced and also accommodates those with injuries. It is so easy to follow and can be done from the comfort of your own home. She is always open to suggestions, feedback and always available to help should you have questions or struggle with a certain exercise. I can truly recommend Rethink Health to anyone wanting to start the journey to overall fitness, as her classes focusses on cardio as well as core strength and flexibility.

Corlia Marais

I started training with Nicole 6years ago. When I joined I was dreaming of one day doing a full marathon... Nicole and one of the other members has inspired me to take my running more seriously. I entered my first full marathon in 2015...the running bug got hold of me and I started my journey to my first Comrades... Rethink Health and especially Nicole has helped me to complete two Two Oceans Ultra Marathons and my first Comrades in 2019 without ever being injured. Her dedication, energy and passion make me look forward to every class. Not one class is the same and as someone that can get bored easy i love the variety. I love the fitness and cardio pilates classes. Nicole makes training fun! Thank you for all your effort and dedication.


I did not start pilates to get super fit. I am a granny of 4 beautiful, active kids. I was struggling to keep up with them and had terrible knee pain that kept me awake at night. The specialist wrote a note to Nicole and in addition to my twice a week classes she gave me some knee specific exercises. I have not taken medication since I started them. I especially enjoy the flexibility of being able to do my classes at home and at a time that suits my ever-changing schedule. Well done Nicole. Appreciate the individual attention.

Karina Bailie

As a mom, I love being able to do pilates at home. This is a wonderful investment in my own health and body and I feel stronger and fitter than ever. There are a variety of classes and levels available and you can challenge yourself as much as you want to. Nicole is an experienced and very skilled pilates instructor. She is a qualified biokineticist with vast knowledge on different health conditions and always provides safe, yet effective alternatives for those affected. I just love her classes! Thank you Nicole and Rethink Health!

Belinda Theunissen

For me it's all about the flexibility of exercising whenever I can and having the accountability and motivation which Nicole offers is amazing! All exercises are explained extremely well, so it's easy to do remotely and there's always an alternative option - which makes it accomodating for everyone! I started running last year October and really needed something to help strengthen my core after having children. Rethink Healths Pilates classes have been great (and fun!) and I can feel a difference after only a month since joining!


When I started with Nicole doing her Pilates classes I could hardly move and thought I would be having a back operation in my future. I haven't looked back!! nobody gives you more hands-on personal service than Nicole. Her online classes have been amazing. Never thought I would have the will to continue on my own as I have never been consistent with any form of exercise. Nicole never let's up keeping you motivated and encouraging you to keep on keeping on. This is one class I will never give up on. Thanks to Nicole, words could never express my gratitude.


These classes are just what I needed. Most enjoyable online classes, very well explained and demonstrated, Nicole always motivates Us... she is the simply the BEST, Thank You Nicole


Nicole's classes are honestly amazing. I forget that she is not actually right next to me because she is just so engaging and encouraging. I love the range of classes and different styles and movements each time. I always feel so good after one of Nicole's classes. Don't even hesitate to join!

Rene' Reddy

I absolutely love being able to work out at home. Being a first-time mom has been challenging and having an unplanned c-section was also something I've had to deal with. The classes have helped with some of the pains I used to have and I can feel it when I've skipped a few classes. I love that you can exercise at 6am or 11pm... whenever you have time. Nicole checks in regularly and holds us accountable. She has been encouraging me since day one to do this for myself. I thoroughly enjoy the pilates and stretch classes. It's really made a difference and I can feel it!


Nicole really caters for everyone and her online classes are great with that personal touch still added in with special consideration for her members with certain conditions. What is really unique is that Nicole will have different options for a particular stretch or exercise to meet your own personal needs or constraints - for example - if one has a hip injury there will be a different variant of the exercise to make sure that person can still do the task without hurting themselves. I really miss the classes in the studio but nevertheless, Nicole makes the online class so personal it feels like you right there with her and the other guys! Thank you Nicole - you a STAR!

Lauren Boyes

I was lucky enough to have won a competition on FB with Rethink Health :) I enjoyed my free month so much that I happily renewed the online Pilates classes with Nicole! Not only have I lost a few extra kilos that I gained during lockdown but I feel more toned and have way less back pain than I had before. I would highly recommend Nicole, she is really motivating and truly cares about all her client's individual needs. She really makes everyone feel included and has different options for different fitness levels which I personally love. Her online classes are very professional and I now wake up feeling excited to start my day with one of her classes :)

Lara Yarrington

I love this concept! I feel much safer exercising at home AND I can exercise at the time that suits me best. Thank you, Nicole and team!