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& lasting WEIGHT LOSS!

Hi, I'm Nicole Richardson. I'll show you how to BETTER your QUALITY of LIFE, with movement, mindset and nutrition.

This is my passion, and I can ensure that you get there and stay there!


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You want the results to last? Then you should adopt a HOLISTIC APPROACH. 


You know healthy eating is very important, but you find it challenging because of food cravings. We will help you remove your stumbling blocks, and provide nutritious meal plans.


Develop a mindset of gratitude. Train your mind to focus, cope with stress and sleep better. Break bad habits, make good decisions. We provide all the tools you require


Easy-to-do exercises can help improve physical health and reduce chronic pain. Incorrect exercises can cause more harm than good. I will plan the most suitable exercise routines for you.

This holistic  approach to nutrition, mindset and exercise is recommended by: 

Everything is available 24/7 at the touch of a button:

It's YOUR life!

With a healthy and positive MINDSET, eating enjoyable and NUTRITIOUS meals and following an appropriate EXERCISE plan ...


YOU WILL feel so much BETTER!

But it's sometimes so difficult to get going! Right?


Then you're probably looking for guidance that is easy to follow and not overwhelming.


I will provide all the guidance and motivation you need.


What type of person are you?


We are not all the same.

Some enjoy rigorous exercise, others not.

Some know how to eat healthily, others not.

Some sleep well, others have a problem with sleep.

Some are fit, most are not.

Some have a healthy weight, many don't.

Stress levels differ vastly from person to person.


So, in order to suggest the most appropriate path for YOU, I need to know where you fit into the above. That's why I've put together a few questions for you to answer.

Let's see whether you are a Cheetah, Leopard or the King of the Jungle.

Explore your inner animal essence 

Please take the quiz to get the personal guidance you need in order to improve the quality of your life.

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For Your Wellness


Another weight loss program? NO!

Another training course? NO!

It's a LIFESTYLE SYSTEM, designed around your personality, giving you access to a guide, a community of like-minded people PLUS personal tools to help you make progress on your journey without stress.

What's in it for you?


Reduce and avoid future joint pain. Move comfortably and more freely.

Eat healthily and enjoy reaching your goal weight

Feel more energetic and get more done

Enjoy a good night's sleep and feel great the next day

Become more focused and less stressed

Improve your fitness level, and achieve your goals

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What has caused you to fail in the past? It's all about ATTITUDE.

Gone will be the negativity and self-doubt. They will be replaced by a positive MINDSET.

You will develop the skillset to FOCUS better and learn how to form GOOD HABITS and break the bad ones.


There is the old saying, 'you are what you eat'. Fortunately this is true.

Soon you will be THINKING more about what you eat and LEARNING about which foods are nutritious and why.

This will EMPOWER you to make wise choices and help you enjoy eating what's good for you.


Movement is essential for everything you do. And it's great to be able to MOVE HOW YOU CHOOSE, without discomfort.

That's exactly what you will be doing, even SOONER and BETTER than what you thought possible.

Walk or run, play sport or simply go about your daily activities with more VIGOR.


You've tried before and failed. 

Others think you will fail. 

You have your doubts.

I know you will succeed, because of the HOLISTIC approach of this system. For Your Wellness is designed to take into account the doubts and fears that hold you back. With small steps and constant encouragement you will reach your goals.

Before you know it, you will have a positive MINDSET, a healthy and enjoyable relationship with FOOD and be able to EXERCISE like you never thought possible.

You are UNIQUE. Please take the QUIZ to achieve the transformation you deserve and desire.

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Lauren Miller

"This system has given me a new lease on life, and I look forward to achieving even greater health & fitness milestones going forward."

James Lucas

"This system has helped me to rehabilitate my back after months of pain, become stronger, more flexible and enjoy a greater sense of well-being."

Janine & Ricardo Coetzee

This system has been the best! My husband and I absolutely love being able to enjoy this journey together. From cooking delicious healthy meals together, to exercising together. This has been the best thing for us!

My family and I want you to ...


sleep better

lose weight

avoid pain

cope with stress 

become a fitter you 

small steps ... lasting results ... in every area of your life


I have a medical degree in Biokinetics, and in all I do, I'm passionate about guiding people to avoid future health problems.


And that’s why I have created For Your Wellness - a personal and supportive online guide with a community of others like you.

Available 24/7 via our app





 If you do not see the value of being FITTER, sleeping BETTER, coping with STRESS and reaching YOUR goal WEIGHT, then this is NOT for you.


But if you DO realise the VALUE of improving your HEALTH and WELLNESS ...


If you are prepared to spend R395 per month to significantly BETTER your QUALITY of LIFE ...


Then this LIFESTYLE SYSTEM is ideal for you. 


Still unsure? Then try the quiz to find out more. 

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