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Hi, I'm Nicole Richardson.

After graduating as a Biokineticist (Exercise Scientist), I specialised further in pilates & training, injury prevention, P(Rehab), and wellness.

I am committed to empowering individuals through a holistic approach and my philosophy revolves around imparting knowledge, enabling you to make informed decisions and implement intelligent changes.

I invite you to experience the transformational effects of my programs.

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What we offer: 



Your ultimate one-stop platform for nutrition, mindset, and movement. We prioritize your well-being with a customised system to suit your individual needs. Wekasfj fj faj dfkjdkjfkdf sdkfj sdf;sjkd fsdjf sdfj df;sdf sdf dsf dks;jf; sdkjf sdfj

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12-week program

This Pre/Rehab Program is your ideal solution for chronic pain management, pre-surgery, post-surgery, or a proactive measure to prevent the need for surgery. skdkjt adsjf djf kjdf skdj tsjr ewakej asjt rej;ka t;j eta;ek d;kjst ewksfjt asek; taw;et awj;e  erjlewkj;r 

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4-week program

This program is ideal for those seeking relief from back, neck, and postural pain. This specialised program is designed to address the root causes and provide effective solutions for a pain-free life. tkejr weaj;ka taew;kjrwe tware;wktj ewkjt ew

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12-week program

Get 1-year access to this 12-week program. DeskWell will elevate your well-being and equip you with essential tools and techniques to combat premature aging and pain associated with prolonged sitting and desk-bound professions.

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Accessible 24/7 via our app