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Fascia Explained: Discover the link between fascia and chronic pain Jun 24, 2022

Is it tired muscles or stiff joints that are causing your pain? Or could it be something else?

These aches & pains can also be caused by a part of your...

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Why is your diet and exercise program not working? Apr 10, 2022

Have you ever heard someone say “ I don’t understand why I struggle to lose weight, I don’t even eat a lot?”

In this fast-paced...

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What exactly is your "CORE" and why is it so critically important to you? Mar 23, 2022

What are your ‘core’ muscles & why are they so important?

 You are busy with your workout & your instructor says to you...

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Double the love with 2 decadent GUILT-FREE desserts Feb 10, 2022

Love it or not, any day that encourages love and romance, and presents the opportunity to share good food and quality time with a loved one, is...

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Tyron Venter, 12x World record holder, shares his goal-setting secrets Oct 25, 2021

Tyron Venter, the extreme long-distance swimmer, and 12x World record holder shares his goal-setting secrets and shows us how, with the correct techniques,...

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