About me

Hi, I’m Nicole and I can't wait to help you! 

Whether you want to improve your fitness, recover from an injury, manage a medical condition, or enhance overall well-being,  I'm here for you! 

In 2010 I obtained my degree in Sports Science (where I excelled as the top student of the year) and my BSc medical honours degree in Biokinetics (Exercise Science) which I completed at the renowned UCT Sports Science Institute.

Prior to establishing my own practice in 2014,  I worked at the UCT Sports Science Institute and then progressed to more specialised pre/ rehab. My deep-rooted fascination with the spine stems from a personal experience when at the age of 13, I underwent an eight-hour anterior and posterior double spinal fusion. This life-changing event ignited a profound passion for understanding and improving spinal health.

I was also honoured to be invited to the USA where I worked closely with paraplegic Olympic athletes and became a certified Special Olympics Instructor. My commitment to serving diverse populations extends to being a qualified Individual Geriatrics Instructor, ensuring specialised care for older adults.  Additionally, I have acquired expertise as a Pilates instructor, incorporating this holistic approach to enhance overall well-being.

Growing up in a very active family, I have always embraced a vibrant and athletic lifestyle. I achieved provincial colours in multiple sports, was a SA Rhythmic Gymnastic champion, and I still continue to derive immense joy from participating in half marathons and various other sporting events. As a married mother of two, I try to instill these values in my children, fostering a legacy of health and vitality.

I am passionate about promoting optimal health and wellness as well as helping those struggling with pain and would love to help you take the essential steps to optimising your health and unlocking your potential.