From survive to THRIVE in just 4 incredible weeks. 


Tired of feeling stressed, unmotivated and stiff?

Let us invigorate your soul, strengthen your core and increase your flexibility as we expertly guide you through our specialized classes and nutritional articles. 

Join my program and I know that you will ...


Enjoy An Active Life

When your core is strengthened and your body is limber everything works and feels better.

Avoid Injuries

Poor movement patterns and imbalanced muscles lead to back, neck, and knee injuries, amongst others.

Reduce Pain, Stress & Tension

Mental and emotional stress can get trapped in your shoulders, hips, and lower back.  Stress changes the way we stand, sit and move. When that becomes chronic then pain and tension manifest in your body.

Improve Circulation

An intelligent stretching routine promotes vasodilation, which results in improved circulation and a healthier body.

Improve Your Sleep

Muscle cramps, poor posture, tension, and pain all reek havoc on your sleeping pattern.

Reverse Aging Through Increased Mobility

Through our flexibility training, you can regain the mobility you had 10 years ago. This helps you enjoy your favorite activities and gives you confidence in your body.

Better Love Life

Reduced stress and increased mobility can greatly benefit your love life.

Price: R 329

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4 Pilates Classes


1 x New Pilates class will be made available every week.

You will never have to wonder if you can do an exercise or movement as there will ALWAYS be an option to accommodate your level. 

4 Stretch & Mobility Classes


1 x New Stretch & Mobility class will be released each week. 

Following an exercise program designed specifically to stretch & strengthen your muscles will alleviate your aches and pains and reduce your stress. 

4 Mindfulness & Relaxation Classes


Short Mindfulness & Relaxation sessions are included, which you can do anytime during the week.

These sessions are very beneficial and are great to do in the morning when you wake up, during the day & when you go sleep. They help reduce stress & anxiety.

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Feel Connected And Supported

You can touch base with me weekly or even daily during your 4-Week course:

  • call me to chat
  • arrange an online live consultation
  • regular online assessments enable me to monitor your progress

I'm no stranger to injury and sporting success. At the age of thirteen I had a posterior and anterior spinal fusion and also suffered from weak ankles. Despite this I went on to obtain Provincial Colors in field hockey. So pain is no stranger to me, and I know what determination and effort is required to succeed.

My online classes started before COVID, and as a result of my past success,    I can with full confidence offer a full and unconditional money-back guarantee.

Price: R 329

Restore Yourself

Classes and exercises are all designed and guided by our qualified and experienced biokineticist - Nicole Richardson

You'll have enough to choose from!

Online, Anytime

Yes, we know life is busy and hectic.

With Rethink Healthonline you can restore yourself at your own place and in your own time.

The choice is always yours!

New videos weekly

No boring repetition!

At the start of each week, you will have access to new and relevant material.

Enough to keep your muscles as strong, supple, and healthy as you wish.

You choose, you benefit!
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R 329

Peace of mind. This program comes with an unconditional full money back guarantee.

We’ve Been Making People Happy & Healthy Since 2013

Deirdre Viljoen

"The online classes are so professional and all the members always feel included no matter their level of fitness."

Dalena Olyan

"Your classes have given me a new lease on life, and I look forward to achieving even greater fitness milestones going forward."

Megan Heyns

"I have rehabilitated my back after months of pain, become stronger, more flexible and enjoy a greater sense of well-being."

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"Nicole diagnosed and sorted an imbalance in my back muscles and within no time I was back to my best"